March 28, 2010

Best March Madness ever: Cake vs. Pie

Jezebel has thought up an amazing March Madness pool for Foodies.

In this kitchen stadium, cake and pie battle to see who will reign supreme in the ultimate dessert challenge. Now this is a March Madness pool I can really sink my teeth into!

This was their original bracket:
Dessert lovers everywhere voted and revealed the final sixteen:

I think there are some serious upsets here: Wedding Cake over Pineapple Upside down cake?! Come on, who actually eats wedding cakes? They are purely for decoration. And how did a classic fruit pie like Cherry not win?

My final four bracket choices were Coffee, Carrot, Pecan and Cheesecake. I had a tough time deciding between Pecan vs. Banana Cream and Pumpkin vs. Lemon Meringue. If I had to choose, I would say pie should win hands down. You can't beat amazing pies like Banana Cream, Key Lime, Apple and Cheesecake (yes, Cheesecake is a PIE). Follow along with the bracket picks at Jezebel to see who will win this throwdown.

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