April 22, 2010

So, just when I decided to go on a major health kick -- thanks to certain T.V shows like "Bulging Brides" and "You are what you eat" --  the internet decided to torture me with delicious baked good pictures.

Ok, it's my fault too. I've been searching for food and dessert ideas for upcoming birthdays. May is a mega birthday month around here, with my birthday, fiancĂ©'s birthday, and at least five others. This is going to mean a lot of baking!

First off, I have to make these Cupcake Burgers. I'm not sure who the lucky recipient will be yet, but they look amazing. Word of warning: this site (bakerella) is amazing and definitely "food porn" worthy, so dieters beware.

Full recipe here. And all you need for the "burgers" is cupcake mix, brownie mix and icing.

Also, how amazing are her Wii cupcakes? I am a huge advocate for the Wii. Wii Fit is a wonderful way to burn off a few calories a day in the comfort of home. I don't substitute the Wii for regular exercise, but the games are really fun and a few more minutes of exercise each day doesn't hurt either.

Bakerella, you are a cupcake genius!

And these cupcake recipes by mingmakescupcakes look incredible, like Coffee Chocolate Cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting and Banana Cupcakes with Maple Brown Butter Frosting. Will this sweet tooth torture ever stop?

And lastly, apparently there is a right way to eat a cupcake, thanks to buzzfeed. This is important life skill, so take note of the steps here. The end result should look like this:

I better start baking soon! I have a lot of work and a lot of "tasting" to do.
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April 16, 2010

I know, I know. My last blog post was on Tuesday and today is Friday. I'm trying to post everyday Monday to Friday and the occasional weekend post. But you know when you just have one of those weeks? When it rains it freakin' pours...

Anyways, last night I helped my friend with a Shakespeare-themed cake for her students. Shakespeare's Birthday (and Death-day too I suppose) is next week, so she wanted to make an educational treat for her high school students.

Presenting...our "Twelth Night" love triangle cake!

Last night was also my first introduction to Royal Icing in cake class. Royal Icing can either get so tough that it hardens instantly or it gets so slimy that it goes everywhere. We made quite finicky Royal Icing birds and flowers. Let me tell you, cake course level 2 is a whole different ball game.

To celebrate my initiation to Royal Icing, here are some fabulous icing creations. I believe both types of cookies are made with Royal Icing.

Cookies to match the Wallpaper by miette.

Icing Decals by hellofrosting on Etsy

Game Controller Cookies by Not So Humble Pie (one of my favourite blogs)
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April 08, 2010

You may remember my post awhile ago about Jezebel's March Madness Cake vs. Pie competition. Well, now the final dessert has been chosen as the "Ultimate Dessert." And the winner is...Cheesecake!

I was sad to see Apple, Pumpkin, and Key Lime knocked out of the race. But now, no one can argue over cake or pie, or the technicalities of cheesecake as "pie."

I liked this March Madness way better than that one about basketball (although I did place 7 out of 21 in my pool; not too shabby).

To celebrate Cheesecake's victory, here are some delicious looking recipes:

Baked Chocolate Cheesecake with Hazelnut Ganache from Gourmet Worrier.

Full recipe here.

New York Cheesecake (this one definitley looks like an "Ultimate Dessert") from Smitten Kitchen.

Full recipe here.

Ok, this one's not a Cheesecake, but it still looks amazing: Wine Poached Grape Tart from Ben the Baker.

Recipe here.

Happy Baking!
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April 07, 2010

Last night I made my first ever pizza from scratch. The recipe wasn't difficult, but just something I had never done before from scratch. As a student, I used to buy ready-made pizza kits and add my favourite fresh toppings for a quick dinner. But now I am converted to homemade (always the best choice in my books).

I just got a lovely new cookbook as a belated engagement present, so I decided to try out some of their basics.

I also want to try these basic recipes from the book that sound amazing:
  • Lemony-tarragon crab dip
  • Goat cheese, sun-dried tomato, and pesto torta
  • Roasted butternut squash soup with creme heart swirls
  • Roasted tomato pie
The book also has meals to cook side-by-side with different instructions for the Bride and Groom. Cute!

The pizza dough recipe makes four 8-10 inch pizzas. I decided to make one larger pizza and freeze the rest for another day. I followed their advice and added a little rosemary to the dough to give it more taste:

Toppings: Ham, spinach, turkey pepperoni, onion, chopped dill and zucchini (and I added pesto, olive oil, chopped tomatoes and mozzarella cheese to the final product of course).

I have to say, the homemade crust was the best part. Next time I will probably make it with whole-weat flour and experiment more with toppings and flavours. Bon Appetit!
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April 06, 2010

I promised I would share my final creation from my cake decorating class and here goes...but first, some easter cupcakes I decorated. The mini eggs made them taste even better and added a lovely Easter decoration.

And drumroll please...the final creation from Course 1 Wilton Method of Cake Decorating. My friend and I enjoyed the class so much that we signed up for Course 2. We will learn even more flowers, borders and decorations (and I will be making even more cakes, hooray!).

My half-eaten cake. In my house, cakes get eaten at an alarming speed.

My friend's amazing cake. She picked up the techniques quickly and made some amazing roses.

Overall, a fun and interesting experience. I can't wait until Course 2 and then onto adventures in fondant and gumpaste!
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