April 07, 2010

Pizza Pizza

Last night I made my first ever pizza from scratch. The recipe wasn't difficult, but just something I had never done before from scratch. As a student, I used to buy ready-made pizza kits and add my favourite fresh toppings for a quick dinner. But now I am converted to homemade (always the best choice in my books).

I just got a lovely new cookbook as a belated engagement present, so I decided to try out some of their basics.

I also want to try these basic recipes from the book that sound amazing:
  • Lemony-tarragon crab dip
  • Goat cheese, sun-dried tomato, and pesto torta
  • Roasted butternut squash soup with creme heart swirls
  • Roasted tomato pie
The book also has meals to cook side-by-side with different instructions for the Bride and Groom. Cute!

The pizza dough recipe makes four 8-10 inch pizzas. I decided to make one larger pizza and freeze the rest for another day. I followed their advice and added a little rosemary to the dough to give it more taste:

Toppings: Ham, spinach, turkey pepperoni, onion, chopped dill and zucchini (and I added pesto, olive oil, chopped tomatoes and mozzarella cheese to the final product of course).

I have to say, the homemade crust was the best part. Next time I will probably make it with whole-weat flour and experiment more with toppings and flavours. Bon Appetit!

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