May 19, 2010

Anna Olson's Sour Cream Apple Coffee Cake

This month's Food Network Monthly Cooking Club Challenge is Sour Cream Apple Coffee Cake by Anna Olson.

I wanted to use low-fat sour cream, but the recipe clearly stated that low-fat is not ideal for baking. I splurged and bought full-fat (16 per cent !!) and I can gladly say Anna Olson convinced me that sometimes you gotta go full-fat. Low-fat baking is silly sometimes.

The sour cream made the cake moist and the baked apples and walnuts on top were delicious. I also baked the cake in a bundt pan which gave it some neat ripples. I had a slice (or two) with some "Apple Pie" tea (South African Rooibos flavoured with apple cinnamon flavour, apple pieces, orange peel, and spices) from my favourite Tea Shop, the The Tea Haus.

This was a great recipe that I will make again for sure. The cake goes perfectly with a nice cup of tea. After my fiance had his first slice, he said, "How much sour cream do you have left in the fridge? Can you make another one?" Great success!

Check out the Food Network Cooking Club and the full recipe here.


  1. Thanks :) It's a really great recipe and fairly easy to make. A winner in my books!


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