May 31, 2010

Hey Hey it's Donna Day: Blackberry Cheesecake pots

I mentioned last week that I would be entering my first ever "Hey Hey it's Donna Day competition" and here it is folks!

Thanks to this month's host (and fellow Food writer) Mardi at and event facilitator, Chez Us. Check out both blogs for more details on the HHDD event.

And now, introducing....Blackberry Cheesecake pots by yours truly (with recipe from Donna Hay, of course).

First, I whipped the cream thanks to Mardi's suggestion. She mentioned that her cheesecake didn't firm up that much, so she suggested whipping the cream before adding it to the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. I used 18% table cream.

I added the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla and mixed it all with my new hand mixer (just had to show it off). Then, I added half of the blackberries to the mix. I love how colourful the blackberries made the mix.

I bought three jars and it took me awhile to decide if I wanted to spread the mix throughout a few or just pile it into one.

As you can see, cheesecake got everywhere.

I decided to pile everything into one jar. I put the jar the fridge for about an hour and then took it out to serve. The consistency was like a firm pudding. It was not quite as firm as a regular cheesecake, but a great consistency for dipping.

Then, I added my piece of flair. I melted some chocolate chips in a small bowl and then drizzled some over the top of the mix and then on top of the blackberries.

I put the extra blackberries into the bowl with the remaining melted chocolate and served everything on a plate with almond biscotti.

We had people over on Saturday night, so I put the tray out and everyone loved dipping into the cheesecake with biscotti. Unfortunately, I ran out of biscotti, so the next day I used the remaining mix to make an actual cheesecake.

I crushed up some digestive cookies and mixed them with melted butter. I lay the cookie mix into the bottom of a spring-form pan and baked for 15 minutes. Then, I added the remaining cheesecake mix and let cool again in the fridge for about an hour.

I must say, the digestive cookies went wonderfully with the cheesecake. I would recommend serving the cheesecake pot with digestive cookies instead of biscotti. As much as I liked dipping the biscotti into the pot, digestive cookies made the "cheesecake" taste more like an actual cheesecake.

Overall, a wonderful recipe and great for entertaining!

You can also keep up with the event on Twitter @HHDDay and tweet about your creation with #HHDD.


  1. Wow this looks awesome Laura - I love the pots with the filling everywhere! Glad you enjoyed the challenge - it's my new favourite go-to dessert! :-)

  2. It will be my new go-to dessert as well! I was already a huge cheesecake fan, so learning how to make this was so much fun.

    Thanks so much for hosting and picking an amazing recipe :)


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