May 18, 2010

Marching Band Cake

Last Friday I decided to bake a Marching Band-themed cake for a big Birthday party. A bunch of us from University Marching Band still keep in touch -- and a few of us also have May Birthdays -- so we decided to combine all of the Birthdays into one big party.

I scoured the internet for Marching Band cake inspiration and I found some amazing creations:

 From Music Radar

 From Cake Central

 On Deviant Art

I decided to make a Bass Drum cake. I baked two cakes and stuck them together with a filling. Then, I flipped the massive cake on its side, like a bass drum, but one half of the cake decided to almost fall apart. I quickly changed my mind and made a Snare Drum instead. I also had a hard time icing because of the crumbly cake, but in the end, the cake somewhat resembled a drum. And drum roll please.......

The drum sticks are actually shortbread cookies painted with black food colouring.

I also made adorable shortbread cookies with Royal Icing faces for all of the May babies:

I placed the cookies around the cake and voila!

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