June 01, 2010

All you need is Cheese: Grilled cheese with mango

I love cheese. I love gooey cheese, stinky cheese, crumbly cheese, melted cheese and the list goes on. I could put cheese on anything, which is why I have always been a huge fan of Grilled Cheese.

There is something so simple, but delicious about a good Grilled Cheese. I used to love the "Classic" -- as I like to call it -- with white bread, a bit of butter and a Kraft cheese slice. But I have moved on from those simple days. Last week, I had this weird, creative spark involving cheese. I saw this amazing sandwich on She Eats Bears and I was inspired.

She made an Aged Cheddar and Apple Melt with raisins.

I thought to myself (a) "That's a wonderful combination" and (b) "I can make that!"

So, I went on a quest to find the perfect cheese sandwich. Some of my creations aren't necessarily Grilled Cheeses, but they involve cheese and other toppings. I will be sharing a different cheese sandwich creation everyday this week.

Sandwich #1- Grilled Cheese with Mango

Cheese and apple go beautifully together, so why not mango?

I just made the Grilled Cheese the regular way, but added some mango inside. I suppose you could grill the mango beforehand as well. The warm mango and gooey, melted cheese were amazing. I would like to think that I invented this wonderful creation, but I am sure I'm not the first to combine cheese and fruit in this way. Seriously, go and try it right now.

Come back everyday this week for more quirky, cheese creations!

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