February 28, 2011

Mini Madness

I bought a mini-muffin pan the other week and I have been going crazy for all things mini. Mini portions are easier to make and you don't feel about guilty eating a few. Two mini cheesecakes equals one actual dessert, right?

My favourite mini creation has to be these mini mac and cheeses. I made them as an appetizer for a party and they were a big hit. The thing with mac and cheese is that I always think I'm putting in way too much cheese and milk, but then when I go to eat it, it just doesn't seem cheesy enough. Oh well, at least now that I make my own mac and cheese, I can ignore those boxes of Kraft Dinner hidden at the top of the cupboard.

You don't really need a special recipe to make these. Make mac and cheese as normal and bake it in a mini-muffin pan. If you insist, here's the official recipe from Food and Wine Magazine.

I also made mini lemon tarts, butter tarts and strawberry cheesecakes--not all in the same day, I swear.


  1. the mini mac 'n cheese are soo cute! actually all of these are adorable. i would probably eat like 12 of everything though :P


  2. Ya, that's the good/bad thing about the mini portions!


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