May 07, 2012

Food Truck Eats in Stratford, Ontario

You know you're a "foodie" when you'll stand in line for an hour for a grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously, at what point does my food truck obsession become a little too crazy? I think the fact that I followed some of my favourite Toronto trucks to Stratford, Ontario for a Food Truck Eats event yesterday says it all. To be fair, I only drove from London...

Yesterday was the opening of the Stratford Slow Foods Market for the season and they celebrated by having six awesome food trucks and five pop-up restaurants set up shop for the day in the Market Square. Frankly, the food trucks stole the show. Unfortunately we didn't even have time to check out the market, which I've been wanting to do for awhile, as we had to get back, but hopefully next time.

We tried to leave as early as we could for a Sunday morning, so we ended up getting there around 12:30 p.m (the event only ran until 2 p.m). We got there right in the middle of the action, as the square was packed with people and the lines were formed all the way throughout.

I rushed to my favourite cupcake truck, The Cupcake Diner, to stock up on cupcakes and they were sold out. According to someone in line they sold out of 1,000 cupcakes in 45 minutes! Apparently I'm not the only one who has gone food truck crazy.

A lot of the other trucks were selling out of menu items at lightning speed. Caplansky's Deli only had one menu item left when we walked past:

And Gorilla Cheese, with by far the biggest line, was doing equally brisk business. We staked out a spot in line and waited...and waited.

We took turns waiting in line and wandering around to check out the other options. Foie Gras cotton candy anyone?

Mike got a hot dog from Pazzo's pop-up restaurant for his "appetizer" while he was waiting for grilled cheese. I was really hoping Pazzo would serve up some of their amazing pizzas or breads, but for $4, their hot dogs with various toppings (he got cheddar jalepeno with homemade spicy corn salsa) were pretty good:

I went for Blue Donkey's Streatery --a truck I've been meaning to try for awhile now--that serves Greek fare like gyros, calamari pitas and fries with greek-style toppings.

I got a chicken gyros pita (sans fries inside) that was stuffed to the brim with bbq chicken, tomatoes, tzatziki and onions.

Then after an hour of waiting, with slightly sunburned faces and arms, we approached the front of the Gorilla Cheese truck...

And feasted upon the "Gordopolis" grilled cheese sandwich in all its glory stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, red onion, feta, black olives, oregano and tzatziki on multi-grain bread.

Was it worth standing in line for an hour and getting quite sunburnt? Absolutely, yes! I think there was actually $7.50 worth of cheese on the sandwich and the tanginess of the feta, olives and onions was unlike any grilled cheese I have ever had. I am so glad these food trucks are becoming so popular now and more people are finding out about them. I don't mind standing in line for good food.

Apparently the next big food truck event coming up is in Niagra on the May Long Weekend at Peller Estates Winery. Will I follow my favourite trucks even farther? I am so tempted...

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