January 16, 2013

New Year detox salad

I know it's a little stereotypical to post a salad recipe right after Christmas for that bright and shiny new you for the new year. Really though, January is a great time for new beginnings and eating well is always a good choice, especially when the post-holiday blues can get some people in a rut.

It is also prime flu season and I have been flattened for the last few days with the virus. Yet another reason to eat well and let the body rest even when you're not feeling it. First off, a look back at a bit of New Year's Eve indulgence:

Ice cream Bombe Cake

This cake was the bomb, a christmas pudding ice cream bomb, in fact. What else do you do when all of those Christmas treats are on sale and you're stuffed to the brim with sweets? Make a cake, of course.

Ice cream Christmas Bombe Cake

On New Year's Eve we played some board games, ate some food and played some more games. We did dress up, but there was no night of desperately trying to wave down a cab and sloshing through the snow in heels and I was alright with that.

The cake I made for the occasion was a Jamie Oliver recipe my Dad made for Christmas dinner. It seems quite labour intensive; however, it just involves some leftover ingredients and a lot of freezer time. Jamie explains it best:


He is right; it's "retro beauty" and not that difficult to make. Layer the Pannetone bread in a bowl lined with saran wrap (or "cling film")...

Then spread the bread with jam and add some ice cream and the fillings. I used "cranberry trail mix frozen yoghurt," then stuff any leftover holiday ingredients in there, such as glace fruit, maraschino cherries, clementines and almonds. Wrap it up and freeze until about an hour before you want to serve.

Speaking of leftovers, after the indulging, socializing and eating, you tend to do a lot of this during the holidays:

Some presents this year included a cozy Hudson's Bay throw and a beautiful, orange dutch oven pot which I used to make this turkey and wild rice casserole with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce.

And then make something green and energizing because you will need it to get through going back to work and that time of year when everyone is sick (and it's only time until you get it) and is it spring yet?

Brussel Sprout, Clementine and Edamame salad

Making a salad out of brussel sprouts is something I never thought to do. Like many interesting meals, the idea for this recipe for Shredded Brussels Sprout and Tangerine Salad came from Pinterest. Also, check out this other refreshing recipe for a Brussels Sprout Pomegranate Citrus Salad.

Brussel Sprout, Clementine and Edamame Salad

1/2 pound brussels sprouts
2-3 clementines
1/2 cup cooked edamame beans
1/4 cup walnuts
Dressing:3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 tbsp lemon juice,
a squirt of dijon mustard


In the original recipe, the sprouts were shredded raw, but I cooked them and chopped them up afterwards. Then I added the clementines, edamame beans, walnuts and dressing. Then enjoy the greens, fruit and vitamins and hope it detoxes, rejuvenates and refreshes you...and have another piece of cake for dessert.

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