July 19, 2013

Cuppow Mason Jar Accessories

Some people scoff or chuckle when someone who works in online media is known as a content "curator." Personally, I don't mind the title. Whether you write online, blog or read a lot, you are finding ideas, inspiration and desires every day. Similar to a museum curator, you are gathering things of relevance and interest. I am always seeing neat things from other sites and want to share them--or add them to my wish list--so I am going to post some of my favourite things here. Once a week, I will share a neat item (most likely food-related) that I need to tell the world about.

Cuppow is a company based out of Portland that creates cool accessories for mason jars. They wanted to solve the problem of how to drink from mason jars without having them spill in transport.

Mason jars are something we all have lying around in our house, but this lid that turns it into a bonafide sippy cup brings it to a whole new level. (Cuppow Drinking Lid, $7.99)

Then there is that constant problem of how to separate dip from crackers, chips or vegetables so they don't go soggy. The Cuppow Lunchbox Adapter, $7.99 solves that problem by acting as a divider in the jar. The concept is similar to a bento box and allows you to compartmentalize your jar.

Their products are also eco-friendly and because you're upcylicng a jar you already had, you're reducing your carbon footprint. They are also family friendly and BPA free, so they would be great for kids lunches or drinks. If it helps me to not spill something all over myself, I am in. Check out Cuppow and start recycling those mason jars.

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