July 26, 2013


Sometimes I think, I wish there was a way I could share all of the neat things I find online with other people. Maybe I should start a store, make cool products or create the next cool thing. Then I think, wait a second, I have a blog, and a food blog too! That means sharing another cool thing related to food I have found and added to my wish list.

If you've ever wondered how to transport pies from one place to another without it crushing or sliding, then you need a Piebox ($35). A Piebox is a reusable pine box perfectly shaped to carry pies safe and sound. 

For all the places you take pie, such as in the car, on the bus or on your bike, the Piebox will keep your homemade creations warm and in tact. 

Then, if you want to give a pie as a gift and not give away the fancy box there is the Good Neighbour Pie Kit, $9.95. Each kit contains three heavy duty metal pie tins and three pie post cards with an "I'm giving you this pie because..." checklist. 

Because there is always a good reason to gift a pie. Everybody loves pie and everybody loves a trendy, cute way to carry those pies. Add some twine, patterned napkins and mason jars and you have a Pinterest-worthy picnic. 

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