August 04, 2013

Bakin' with Bacon Card Game

This weekend is RibFest and I have got pork on the brain. I started the weekend with a pulled pork sandwich and I expect to make it back to the festival tomorrow for some ribs on the bone. With ribs and pulled pork I find it's all about the sauce. With bacon however, it is all about the crisp for me although I am a sucker for peameal bacon. According to an article in the Globe and Mail yesterday, North Americans love their bacon so much, they are broadcasting it on their body (on clothes, accessories and jewellery) and in their homes (with kitchen accessories, plates and scents).

Someone has now thought of the genius idea to combine bacon and card games. This Kickstarter campaign combines many of my favourite things: meat, baking and games. One of the decks is a neatly decorated standard deck with bacon themed suits and the other is their new game Bakin' with Bacon, a 2-4 player game consisting of 2 decks of cards. Here's how it works:

Each recipe is made up on 4 ingredients and the goal is to collect your 4 ingredients to complete a recipe and complete 3 recipes before your opponents. It sounds like a neat, well-thought out game and the idea of a card game using food excites me. 

The campaign only has a week to go to reach their goal of $20,000 and become the meat kings of the gaming industry. You can pledge to receive both decks of cards, as well as some other neat game pieces. 

If you do have a bacon-themed game night, you might want to deck out in bacon attire and maybe have some actual cripsy, bacon treats on hand. I think this might become a new tradition for our regular game nights. This Bacon Aluminum Geeky Cuff from Etsy by NeuronsNotIncluded would make a great accessory to the game. 

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