August 15, 2013

Minted designs

Big news. I may be thinking about wedding planning soon. Actually, I am always thinking about wedding planning. Since working for a wedding magazine and writing for a wedding blog, I am always on the look out for neat and stylish finds.

Just goes to show you that it's never too early to start thinking about celebrations, like Christmas. I love this idea of using wedding photos on Christmas cards, like these cards from Minted. What a neat way to show off the photos of your special day. I know it's a little early to start thinking about Christmas; however, it's never to early to start thinking about shopping.

Minted is an online store that supports a community of independent designers--similar to Etsy. Graphic designers and independent crafters can sell their invitations, graphics, prints and stationary and even enter design contests and challenges featured on the site. I love the idea of supporting independent designers from all over the world and they sure make some beautiful things.

These Christmas Photo Cards definitely caught my eye. We took some goofy pictures in front of the Christmas tree that we want to use as Christmas cards, but our winter engagement photos would also make cute cards.

Then there are the wedding invitations. I have searched long and hard for the right design to represent us as a couple. Minted has offered me WAY too many choices when it comes to designs. Even when I was wedding blogging, I always found the right invitation to go with a certain theme or wedding idea.

There are the simple and understated invitations with just the right focal design to make them stand out. As you can tell, I love anything with mason jars and they are so popular now with any wedding theme, such as garden party, country wedding, French-elegance, rustic/vintage, etc. Then there are the bold, funny and even sometimes cheeky invitations that guests never forget.

Minted lets you search by many styles of invitations, including destination, elegant, formal, modern, simple and more. These storybook-themed invitations would be great for a couple who loves literature.

You can even customize your invitations and you will know your invitations will be truly original. And it helps when you can see how the whole invitation package will come together with a preview of the RSVP, direction cards, liner labels and even thank you cards. I am having an extremely hard time picking my favourites because there are so many options. I guess it would help if I actually decided on a wedding theme...

Besides invitations, the designers also create a multitude of other graphic options. There are handmade journals, prints, art pieces and even party supplies.

How cute is this journal for jotting down recipes or food blog ideas? It is a truth universally acknowledged that any writer in possession of a stunning, handmade journal must be in want of ideas.

Also, anyone in possession of a Pinterest board must be in want of striped straws and trendy party supplies to show off their party throwing skills. Shop the Minted Party Store and find inspiration for different party themes and ideas.

While I have summer vacation on the brain, these prints caught my eye. My new dream in life is to buy and restore a vintage camper van. This art prints is definitely inspiring me to hit the road:

And perfect for a new kitchen or housewarming present, this picture would be delightful for any modern foodie. Ok, I'll stop now before I buy everything in this store. At least you know when you buy all the pretty things, you are also supporting independent and small businesses.

You know how in a previous post I was arguing that "curator" is a great term and shouldn't be scoffed at? The people at Minted know how to curate, uncover and highlight the best of their beautiful community and they have a good thing going. Visit

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