September 05, 2013

Vintage wedding finds by Jillian Harris

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a collection of vintage teacups she was trying to get rid of, as she had way too many. I know these will be used somehow in future wedding decor. Right now I have them displayed on a shelf next to the television and my commemorative Royal Couple tea tin. 

vintage teacups

Finding vintage items is fun and rewarding, as I've written about before. If you're coordinating a vintage theme for a wedding though, it can be hard work. Finding the right pieces--and multiple pieces of the same colour or theme--and making sure they stay in tact and spotless in time for their debut takes some work. Sometimes it's nice to have someone else do all of the work for you.

I love this collection featured this week on Charlie Ford Vintage curated by Jillian Harris. Jillian Harris, co-host of Love it or List it Vancouver and former Bachelorette, is now a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. She is also Canadian and has a design blog, Jillian Harris Design Inc, so she knows a thing or two about beautiful things. From September 5-11, Charlie Ford Vintage is featuring a fall vintage wedding collection with items handpicked by Jillian. The items are all one of a kind, so they will go fast and you can say you have something handpicked and unique for your wedding.

pink glass vintage cream and sugar

Pink glass vintage cream and sugar, $55

I love the idea of mismatched vintage tableware along with coloured glass on wedding reception tables. If you pick the items selectively and deliberately and don't crowd the tables with knick knacks, they can do a lot to add character to guest's dinnerware. Even if you don't want to go to the trouble of antique plates for everyone, you can always negotiate vintage cups and saucers for after-dinner coffee and tea.

vintage candy store scale

Vintage Candy Store Scale, $245

This would be cool on a candy buffet table. I went a little crazy at the last wedding I went to that had a candy buffet. In my opinion, every wedding should have one. I am already starting to collect antique bowls, glasses and jars to display candy for this future wedding of mine. It's probably not a good idea to weigh the candy--or yourself--before you eat it, but it makes a nice prop.

painted Italian vanity

Painted Italian Vanity, $1900

Alright, this one is a little on the pricy side. I watched The Great Gatsby on the weekend and this vanity reminded me of those romantically sad women putting on strings of diamonds as they mope around their mansions. A wedding isn't a sad occasion--although it is the epitome of romance--but if vintage glamour is your thing, this would be perfect to pose in front of during "getting ready" photos.

railroad lantern

Railroad lantern, $96

I have seen vintage lanterns of all shapes and forms, as well as mason jars with candles and the whole thing; however, I have not seen a vintage railroad lantern before and after seeing a beautiful old railway station venue the other week, this one got me inspired.

Also, some of these items are even on sale. Instead of zapping registry items with a laser gun at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I want to go around an antique store and pick out all of the things I like. Although every time I find something at a vintage market or sale, I then have to figure out where to store or display it in my house.

porcelain cake server

Porcelain Cake Server, $15

Remember how I said be selective and don't overdo it with the antique finds? Jillian has selected the perfect vintage pieces to get you started on classic and elegant wedding designs. I'm sure you could find something special and at a good price in this collection without having to haggle for it yourself.

Check out the Charlie Ford vintage store and this limited edition collection until September 11. For some options a little closer to home, try Hazlitt Vintage wedding design based in Ontario.

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  1. I love that little chintz teacup second from the left in the top photo. So cute - been looking for one just like it in second hand shops for a post I want to do on a specific type of tea!


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