September 12, 2013


So, you see something neat on Pinterest that you want to make. You study the D.I.Y instructions, hunt for supplies and try to re-create the vision. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it really doesn't. What if someone could help you along with your D.I.Y projects and also inspire you each month to keep being creative?

WhimseyBox already has many tutorials for gorgeous D.I.Y projects and embellishments to everyday items, such as this lightbulb vase. Their blog is also chalk full of Pinterest-worthy inspiration, favourites and photos. These are not kitschy crafts to do in your spare time by any means. They are actually things you could display proudly.

D.I.Y lightbulb vase

They have many, many wonderful tutorials and project ideas, but that's not the greatest thing. Imagine a service that sends you all of the supplies, instructions and help you need to make your own D.I.Y projects. It's like Arts and Crafts camp at home. No more braving the craft store on a weekend to find deals or searching through craft forums for the right instructions. (Check out these doodle coasters pictured below)

D.I.Y doodle coasters

WhimseyBox has a monthly craft kit subscription service. Each month they send a beautiful box of supplies and a project to tackle. Then subscribers share their creations and ideas online. The subscriptions ($15 a month plus $5 to ship to Canada) can be renewed for 3, 6 or 9 months. You can also purchase gift subscriptions for your favourite people. Imagine: all of the hassle of crafting taken away and a box placed on your doorstep with all the things you need to make beautiful things. Each box includes:

WhimseyBox craft subscription

You can also buy the boxes as separate kits without a subscription if you just want to tackle one or two projects.
I love this stenciled lavender sachet kit:

WhimseyBox lavender sachet kit

And this D.I.Y String Art Kit:

D.I.Y string art kit

I would be so much more inclined to craft if someone just sent me everything I needed and told me what to do. I love following instructions and lists. Now, if only someone would clean up afterwards too...

Learn more about a WhimseyBox monthly craft kit subscription

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