October 04, 2013

Top 5 Halloween Party Picks

I used to get so embarrassed when my parents would also dress up in costume when they took me Trick or Treating. None of the other parents dressed up except mine. Now I realize it's because Halloween is so damn fun! Even when you're an adult, you can still have candy, costumes and much more. And I know years down the road I will also be the enthusiastic parent that gets excited about going out for Halloween. What's not exciting about Halloween?

It's not all tacky and spooky things. There is the possibility to add a little style to a Halloween celebration. Orange is the new black, after all. If the traditional spooky and gory scene is for you then go for it. There are other options though, like these garlands of polka dots within polka dots.
Polka Dot Garlands, Etsy

Then there is the other option for decorating pumpkins. I saw this idea last year in Chatelaine Magazine and the rest of the D.I.Y world caught on because painted pumpkins are everywhere now. Instead of a cheesy, toothy grin carved into your pumpkin, painting it or dipping it in paint could be fun.
Painted pumpkins by Cue the Confetti

I found out about these on a deals site because they are on super sale right now. They are only $5 for a decorated gourmet cookie greeting card with free shipping. This is way better than those old-school candygrams and it comes in a cute gift box.
Cookie Cards, Cheryl's Cookie Cards

So, you know all of that sugary Halloween candy you have lying around? Why not make more sugary treats and put the candy on top. I sometimes get sucked into the never-ending cycle of making baked goods to use up halloween candy and then needing more candy to decorate more baked goods.
Malted Pumpkin Sixlets Donuts, We are not Martha

You know there had to be something with a mason jar on here. Mix together colourful candy and snack food and label them in jars for each guest. I have already had a head start on candy snacking...
Spooky Snack Mix, My Own Ideas.com

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