December 09, 2013

Canadian treats delivered to your door

I thought this quote was fitting for that time of year when everyone is telling you what they think are the best gifts ever: "Tell me what you like and I'll tell you who are you." You know what I secretly like? Holiday Gift Guides. I know some people get sick of getting told what to buy, but I love discovering new and interesting gift ideas. Holiday gift guide time is officially here.

There are endless posts of what to buy, stuff in a stocking or make yourself for lovely gifts. It's nice to give back a little with all that shopping and buy from local, Canadian companies. This is my gift guide to neat ideas from small, but mighty Canadian businesses that also deliver right to your door:

I am jealous of whoever lives or works in the Dufferin to University and Queen to Wellington area of Toronto. You all better sign up for this right now. The Feel Good Guru Soup Club launched recently and they deliver homemade, organic vegan soup to your home or office three days a week.

I would love to have soup delivered to me at work so I don't have to worry about packing a lunch. The menu changes weekly and their selection includes Green Lentil Vegetable, Pumpkin Coconut Curry and Carrot Miso. The only problem is that the upfront cost may seem like a lot; however, it's about the same as buying a lunch out a few times a week and it's delivered in jars--my favourite.

See their website for more information on how to be a part of the Feel Good Guru club.

Carnivore Club
The Carnivore Club will diversify your meat portfolio with cured meats, terrines and jerky delivered to your door every month. These Toronto entrepreneurs launched the monthly meat club on IndieGoGo and have also been on Dragon's Den with a past business venture. $50 is all it takes to get meats you will not find at butcher shops or grocery stores and you don't have to (literally) hunt around for them.

All you need now is a cheese club for a full dinner party in a box. Be a part of the Carnivore Club and get your monthly protein.

I met Elle from Petite and Sweet at the Delicious Food Show in October and had a peek at their beautiful desserts. They design beautiful dessert tables perfect for extravagant celebrations. Now you can bring out your inner stylist with their Holiday Sweet Table in a Box.

I love all of the colour palettes and the gorgeous mini desserts. You can also order them in your own customized colour palette. It's the elegance and glamour of a sweet table at a fraction of the price. Although I still dream of having a sweet table designed especially for me. I suppose that is something to go on my forever wish list. Visit their studio at 420 Summerhill Avenue in Toronto or order their sweet table supplies by email or phone.

Along with those treats and sweets, you may also need a bottle or two of wine. Avoid the liqour store lineups like the plague and order wines online with It doesn't get better than this, Canada. Happy Holidays.

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