March 11, 2014

D.I.Y Wedding Seat Signs

D.I.Y wedding seat sign letters

My new wedding philosophy is as follows: the longer you are engaged, the more time you have to find things you like. This doesn't necessarily mean more time to plan. I have been thinking about our wedding for ages, but it feels like right now I am in a time crunch with a huge to-do list until May. 

J.Crew Bride Sailor Tee

I have been really good at sticking to the budget. When you start to learn more about weddings you realize the best places to buy certain things and for how much. My one splurge so far has been this J.Crew Bride sailor tee that doesn't apply to any other part of my life except this one. I also don't really know what other times I will wear it. There are always a few indulgences, however, it's a good feeling when you realize that you can make something yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Anthropologie chair signs

Take these chair signs from Anthropologie for example. In a fantasy world, I would buy everything from BHLDN weddings. Then I realized that $48 for letters on a string is kind of expensive. And that is all they are: hanging letters tied to string. So I set about making my own fabric seat sign letters. I realized afterwards that using scrapbook paper might have been a little easier. I like the "cushiony" look of the fabric even if it was a little trickier to use.

Seat sign letter cut outs

You will need:
Kraft paper or cardboard
Letter templates
Fabric or scrapbook paper
Exacto knife, scissors
Tape, glue stick
One-hole punch
Twine or string

On your computer, make print outs of the letters (2 "M"s, 2 "R"s and 1 "S"). Pick the font you want to use and make them block letters, and then re-size them to fit the entire page. Glue the paper letters onto kraft paper. Cut out the individual letters. 

Seat sign letters

Lay the letters out onto the fabric and cut out enough fabric to cover about an inch surrounding the letter. Now is the tricky part: use the exacto knife to cut along the edges and inside the grooves. Then keep folding and taping over the edges of the fabric to the back of the letter until the edges are smooth.

Trim off any pieces of tape showing or imperfections. The letters will most likely be viewed from far away, so it is alright if they are a little "rustic" looking. Punch holes in the top of each letter with two holes at the top of the "M"s and "R"s. Thread twine through the holes and leave enough room on both sides of the twine to tie them to chairs or tables. The cat seemed quite interested in my decorative set up:

Wedding seat sign letters

Depending on how we have the head table set up at our reception, these may be on the back of the chairs or hanging on the front of the table. They are a nice little reminder of the guests of honour even though everyone will most likely already know where the bride and groom are sitting. I think little personal touches are what make a wedding day special. 

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