April 16, 2014

Food gifts for Easter

The last time I posted about gift items it was Christmas time. Now, Easter is approaching and the beginning of the "holiday every month" season. Think about it: Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday and Labour Day. We might miss out on June, but by that time summer is already in full relaxing mode. Holidays mean a time to send gifts and if you're like me then most of your gifts--and pretty much my whole life--revolve around food.

I also like fashion and accessories. And if those accessories happen to be food-related or even smell like food then I am definitely interested. Yes, they smell like food. These necklaces from Tiny Hands are shaped like adorable desserts and they also smell like the dessert they resemble. Amy Poehler recently wore the Butter and Maple Syrup Waffle necklace on an episode of Parks and Recreation and she's someone I would like to emulate.

Scented Raspberry French Macaron necklace, $28

Cotton candy has never been my favourite treat; however, stick it in mini mason jars in gourmet flavours and I might give it a go. The candy is also vegan, gluten-free and all natural and comes in flavours such as lychee, caramel and mango. These are no tacky carnival treats. I would definitely consider Fluffpop as a viable, stylish wedding favour option.

Fluffpop gourmet cotton candy
Fluffpop mini mason box of 6, $24

I like to toot the Canuck horn once in awhile and this needs to be shared far and wide across the nation. Fiasco Gelato sells artisan gelato in mason jars and is available for delivery and pick-up in Toronto, Victoria, Edmonton and Vancouver. All of the gelato is made from fresh, local ingredients and the flavours are insane. The Easter collection includes Mini Egg, Lavender Vanilla Bean, Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese and Strawberry Lemonade flavours. These would be eaten in two seconds at my next picnic or camping trip.

Fiasco Gelato easter collection
Fiasco Gelato Easter Collection 4-pack, $32

For something on the lighter and more practical side, there is oatmeal. This is no ordinary oatmeal though; this is MY oatmeal. MyOatmeal.com lets you create a custom blend of oatmeal and then ships it to your door. You choose what kind of oats, flavours, fruits, nuts, seeds, sweeteners and whatever else you want. For less than $10 a month, you can also get oatmeal shipped monthly.

Myoatmeal.com, starts at $2.99 a bag

Don't say that I never gave you anything. Easter is a time for feasting, decorating and enjoying a much-needed long weekend. Now excuse me while I go eat all of my food out of mason jars...

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