June 30, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you

I am going to do my best John Cusack in "High Fidelity" impression--speaking directly to the camera--and tell you about my top five days of all time. So far my top five days of all time have involved travelling, something momentous happening, school or days with friends when my stomach hurt from laughing so much. My wedding day has to be in there. Doesn't it for everyone? I used to think when people said their wedding day was the "best day of their life" they were exaggerating just a little. Surely everything doesn't lead up to that one day and everything thereafter is not as good; that's not the way I like to look at it. My wedding day is in my top 5 days of all time because it was perfect. You would be a monster if you said it wasn't. It was perfect in the ways that time passed without ever thinking about it, memories were made without being forced and there were feelings of content, relaxation and pure happiness. These are my rings in chronological order:

wedding rings

After going to so many weddings, I wondered what it would be like to finally be up there in front of the camera instead of always watching other weddings. Would I be nervous, anxious or stressed? Would everything go to plan? Would it live up to everything I imagined and everything everyone else imagined? I thought through every minute in my head beforehand and every detail. Wedding planning is enjoyable, but then it's over all of sudden, and being married is so much better. It is not a sense of stressful relief as in "thank god that is over." It is knowing that you are at peace with the past and with the next step.

There are parts of weddings that are too overhyped, extravagant and overdone. I didn't want to be a glamourized version of myself; I wanted to be myself. When I woke up on my wedding day I didn't feel stressed out at all. Everything was finally happening and I took each minute with ease and grace. The day really is honestly in my top 5 days of all time. Not for the reason that it was "my special day," a huge party or a Pinterest competition. I couldn't have asked for anything else, and it was a lot of fun. 

rustic placecard

rustic vintage blue wedding

Our photographers were the wicked, awesome team at Renaissance Studios based out of Milton, Ontario. They sent us a few preview photos to tide us over until we get all of the wedding photos. We got married at the Elmhurst Inn and Country Spa in Ingersoll, Ontario. Everyone who attended the wedding said it was nice, simple and very "us." That was all we wanted.

bride and groom

About a week after the wedding, we went on our honeymoon to Australia for a month. The one thing I don't like about traveling is that you experience so much and when you come back it's like you never left. Life still went on while you were exploring. After a few weeks somewhere you get so used to the customs, culture and lifestyle and it is mostly all erased when you get back. Leaving somewhere to go back home is a bittersweet moment. There is something new, exciting and beautiful; then there is something comforting and safe, such as your own bed. 


I love adventures and seeing new places, but I also like familiar routines. In most cases, adventure can't be an everyday routine. Life goes on eventually. I cherish the short bursts of adventure I get. Then I come home and feel even luckier. In this case, we came home to a new home in a new city. We just moved to Ottawa, Ontario. I am excited to explore this new place. For the next little while, I will be playing tourist in my own city. There are many more exciting things in the future to come. 

Ottawa canal

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  1. A beautiful place to get married. I went to my friend's wedding reception here this past weekend. This place is beautiful, one of the nicest locations for a wedding I've ever been. The ceremony was very nice and felt very intimate.


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